What is a Business Coach and what do they do?

Do you want to find a Business Coach or are you having trouble choosing a Business Coach? A Business Coach empowers clients to reach their own decisions. In addition, guides and coaches clients in skills development. For example, setting goals, building resilience or improving communication etc.

Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd provides startup business coaching in & around London. Steve Wyatt, London Business Coach has +20 years’ professional experience and has worked in Learning & Development environments. Most importantly, he’s coached teams to performance improvement. For instance, in SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound) goal setting and professional development. In addition, Steve’s delivered training to global teams and facilitated wellbeing workshops. Read on to learn more about choosing a Business Coach who’s right for you.

Find a Business Coach with Experience

Deciding to find a Business Coach is an important decision. It’s an investment in you and your future, and a decision you’ll want to make wisely. Most importantly, identify the area(s) you want coaching on. For example, to improve your confidence, make better and faster decisions or something else. Find a Business Coach with the right experience for you and your coaching needs. Certainly, coaches have different styles, skills, qualifications and experience.

If you haven’t needed to find a Business Coach before, it’s important to confirm skills and experience. Call a few business coaching providers and ask prudent questions about the coaching you’re looking for and why. Ultimately, when choosing a Business Coach, it’s your decision. It could come down to the initial call or introductory meeting and the rapport your build. For example, it’s important that you feel listened to and heard about your coaching needs. In addition, you might want to consider how reflective a Coach is during your initial consultation. For example, in checking their understanding about your coaching needs.

The wrong business coaching service could negatively affect your bank balance and business. As a startup, the cost might be coming out of your own pocket or savings. With this in mind, find a Business Coach that you believe will be effective. For example, a good coach will quickly add value and demonstrate a return on your investment.

Before choosing a Business Coach

Firstly, complete some due diligence and research. For example, carefully research coaching options before choosing a Business Coach. A good Business Coach motivates and challenges you to be the best version of you. For example, pushes you out of your comfort zone and keeps you on track to achieve your professional goals.

Consider the below questions to find a Business Coach right for you:

  • What made you think about getting a Business Coach in the first place?
  • What areas do you want guidance and support with?
  • Does your coach need to have certain skills or qualifications to satisfy your business coaching needs?
  • Did someone advise you to get a coach or is this something you’ve decided will help you?
  • Have you had coaching before and how was that experience?
  • What are your business goals and plans, which brought you to this business coaching decision?
  • What are you expecting to achieve through business coaching?

Bill Gates, speaking in a Ted Talk presentation, believes “Everyone needs a coach.”  In other words, coaching isn’t just for athletes and professional football players. In corporate organisations, including Financial Services, executive coaching is quite common. This is because the benefits and value from a coaching relationship, helps make better leaders. In fact, everyone can benefit from coaching and feedback. It’s important to be open, honest and accepting in order to Develop, Improve, Grow & Succeed.

Choosing a Business Coach

First of all, ask your network and see if anyone has previously had business coaching. If anyone has, ask them about their experience. For instance, which organisation, type of coaching and specific questions in relation to the coach. For example, communication style, attitude, tone, rapport etc. Generally, it’s a good place to start, but also remember to do a general online search and see what coaching options are available. A trusted recommendation might be a good option, but if you decide to take  that route, ensure it meets your specific requirements. Please weigh up the pros and cons for all your options.

Once you’ve decided to find a Business Coach, consider availability, fees and location. Most importantly, before you commit to anything, get a proposal and quote. Make sure your deliverables and timescales are agreed in writing.

Once you’ve found a Business Coach, check Terms of Business and other relevant policies. For example, carefully review contract terms. For instance, deliverables, fees and cancellation clauses.

Click Yell.com’s Directory for Business Coaches in and around London. Before proceeding, check reviews and star-ratings on Trust Pilot, Google etc. It’s important to find a Business Coach who not only talks the talk, but demonstrates a full professional package.

Find a Business Coach who walks the walk and talks the talk

“It’s not easy to identify great coaches from the poor ones…” writes Helen Townsend, author of ‘The Go-To Expert’, 2014, Pearson Educated Limited.  Helen believes that you can make the best choice by stalking your selected coach(es) on social media. It’s important to see if a coach ‘walks the walk and talks the talk’. In other words, do they write relevant posts, blogs and/or articles that reflect their online brand and what they say they do? Find a Business Coach who shares professional and high-quality insight. For example, via their website, social media and free tips etc.

One of the most important factors in choosing a business coach has got to be the initial connection and relationship. Without a good connection, how can you respect and trust the coach? As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve learnt that it’s about trusting your instincts, listening to your gut and getting a good feel for things. Make sure your values are aligned with the organisation and/or coach you choose.

Visit Maximum Solutions Consulting’s Business Coaching London page for details about services. If you’re ready to discuss your requirements, visit the contact page.