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Are you looking for some free business advice for startups?  Do you want some help with writing a business plan?  If yes, this post is for you.  There’s information on writing a business plan and some free business advice London tips from Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd.

Before you start your own business, it’s important to be prepared.  As a business owner myself, I cannot stress enough the importance of research and writing a thorough business plan.

Writing a business plan

You’ve had that lightning bolt moment and come up with a great business idea.  Now you want to put your idea into action.  Have you thought about writing a business plan?  The Government has put together some free business advice for startups and how to write a business plan here.

It’s important to research your business idea thoroughly, including any existing or known future competition.  More importantly, think about the timing of your business idea.  i.e. is the market ready for your business idea?  Has someone else already beaten you to it?  What impact could this have on the success of your startup?  Also, what does success mean and look like?

Writing a business plan is key to ensuring your business idea is carefully planned and organised.  It can also serve as a checklist for initial set up actions.  More importantly, you will need a business plan if you’re considering raising finance.  For example, from investors, crowdfunding or maybe a loan from an organization like The Startup Loans Company.

Best practice for writing a business plan, include the following:

  1. An executive summary, which includes your business name and location. It also includes a brief description of the products or services, company values and a mission statement
  2. A high-level business overview, which includes a summary of the legal structure, products/services and customers and suppliers. In addition, growth plans, including short and long-term goals.  Include an organisational chart, details about the business owner, roles and responsibilities
  3. Products or Services, which is a more detailed and thorough look at your service offerings. e. benefits, copyright, patents etc., research and development
  4. Market Analysis, which is a more detailed look at your competitors. Include the advantages and disadvantages you have over the competition (to identify any gaps), target customer/market segment, including size and demographics
  5. Marketing Strategy, which is a detailed look at how you will enter the market and promote your business. Be sure to include costs, logistics and distribution
  6. Financing, which includes how you plan to finance your business and a back-up plan if anything falls through. It’s good practice to include at least a 12-month cash flow forecast.  This includes any known committed and contracted costs as well as a forecast for other costs.  Be sure to carefully forecast your planned revenue, based on your marketing strategy and any other factors that may influence revenue.  Consider invoice payment terms and when revenue will hit the books

Click here for more information about writing a business plan.  Alternatively, for some industry specific templates, click here.

Remember, things change and so your business plan needs to be flexible and kept up to date.  Prepare for the unexpected to mitigate risk, reduce duplication and waste.  This will help your business operate efficiently, which in turn helps cash flow.

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