Whether we embrace it or not, life is about learning.

In its purest form, life is about learning.  At what point you consider learning starts, depends on how and what we look at.  For example, in the mother’s womb, genetic code is passed on and so some of what we learn is genetic or hereditary.  Alternatively, consider that learning starts once we are born.  As a baby, we hear sounds, we make noises, we touch, we look and begin to learn.  As we grow, we learn skills, knowledge and behaviours.  It’s not just about going to school, college or university.  Life is about learning continuously.  The extent, what, when, how and why can vary and is dependent on different factors.

This month, I’ll turn 43, but there is still so much to do and learn.  Over the years, I’ve untangled learnt behaviours and false beliefs.  Back then, these were coping mechanisms to deal with trauma and depression.  Without these life experiences, I wouldn’t have gained wisdom.  I wouldn’t have grown and learnt from the mistakes I’ve made.

Not everything we learn in life is helpful, inspiring, necessary or kind.  It is through wisdom, self-development, being aware and open that I’ve grown and made changes.  Through life’s learning, I understand and appreciate that ‘age is, but a number’.

Learn from your choices because life is about learning

How many times have you heard someone say, “it’s not fair” or “life’s not fair”?  On what basis do ‘we’ make these assumptions?  Surely, what is fair or unfair to one person could quite as easily be the opposite for another?  At times, life can certainly seem unfair.   It is through learning and life’s wisdom that I’ve realised and understood that life is about the choices and decisions I’ve made.  By making these choices and decisions, I’ve learnt.

Whilst some people think everything should be handed to them on a plate, generally, that isn’t the case.  Yes, some people may appear to have it easier than others.  Maybe for some, that is true, but how helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind is that for you?  The assumptions ‘we’ make, reinforce patterns of behaviour.  Often, this drives our negative thinking and can hold us back.

Rose-tinted glasses

I’m a hand on heart, wear my heart on my sleeve kind of person.  I’m far from perfect, but I’m self-aware to the point of understanding and knowing my faults.   I continue to learn, and I embrace change in order to live each and every day to the best I can.  I’m human!

Whilst some acquaintances and ‘friends’ have made assumptions and judgments about me and my life, that is only their interpretation.  The truth is, none of us really know what is going on for someone else.  Even if you think you do because of what you’ve ‘heard’ or read.  Nothing is a full 4D picture, even with those rose-tinted glasses!  Keep learning from life and you become the coach as well as the coached.

Live ‘kind’ and be self-aware

To be kind is a skill and one we learn to varying degrees.  It can be an intrinsic value, but to be kind in everything we do and say, isn’t easy.  I’m still learning to be kind and at times, I think I fail to achieve the kindness that I deserve for myself, as much as I believe others deserve to.  Like we all do, I’ve reacted to other people’s learnt behaviours and beliefs.  Think back to a time when someone hurt you, made you angry and upset you.  What did you learn and how did it make you feel?  Do you still carry a false belief, or have you learnt to accept that we are all different and say things in the moment?

Closing thoughts

If you’re struggling, know that it will pass.  Remember you’re not alone.  From time to time, and in one way or another, we are all struggling.  It’s not always hard as much as it’s not always easy.  It’s what you make of it that counts!

Embrace today’s learning and each and every day, try to keep your eyes and mind open.  Regardless of whether you practice meditation or mindfulness, are religious or spiritual or not, make today count.  Life is about learning and so learn from it!