Business Advisory Services & Consultancy Firms in London

Are you looking for some business advisory services in London?  This article looks at ‘what are business advisory services?’ and secondly, the types of services provided by consultancy firms in London.  Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd is a boutique business consultancy firm.  Founded by Steve Wyatt, to help startups and small businesses in London and the surrounding area.  Steve is a London based Business Consultant/Advisor.  Most importantly, he has +20 years professional experience in service excellence.  Secondly, he’s managed business operations and led business process improvement initiatives.  In addition, his experience spans large and complex organisations. e.g. Financial Services.  Further, he’s has experience working in the Education and Consulting sectors.

What are business advisory services?

Let’s explore ‘what are business advisory services?’  Business consultancy firms provide a range of advisory services.  For example, specialist consultancy firms provide tailored support and startup business advice.  Others specialise in advising on HR and financial matters.

Typically, business consultancy firms in London provide expertise in:

  1. HR
  2. Finance
  3. Risk & Compliance
  4. Strategy
  5. Operations, including IT


Most importantly, business advisory services provide support.  For instance, in areas where you lack certain skills, the know-how or experience.  For example, an IT expert could develop a great app, but lacks great communication or organisational skills.

Business advice from consultancy firms in London

Business consultancy firms in London provide bespoke and tailored advisory services.  Where can you find a Business Consultant/Advisor in London?  For a directory of business advisory services in London, click here.

Business consultancy firms in London, source solutions and solve problems.  More importantly, a Business Consultant/Advisor has specialist experience.  For instance, from a particular industry or sector.  This means you receive expert and professional business advice.

Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd specialises in advising early stage startups.  For example, with initial business set up research.  This can help you make better decisions, which supports success.  Secondly, with planning and strategic decisions.  e.g. Steve can help you prepare robust cash flow forecasts and business plans.

In addition, Steve also helps more established startups and small businesses.  e.g. with how best to organise/structure themselves.  This includes, how to improve and optimise business operations or processes.  Further, he coaches managers to improve their communication and motivation.

What are business advisory services meant to help you with?

Business advisory services help you tackle things like:

  • Create/develop robust business plans
  • Develop sound cash flow forecasts (e.g. 12-months ahead)
  • Create/develop budgets
  • Transform business operations & resource related functions
  • Improve/optimise business processes

There are numerous business advisory services in London and they help businesses in different ways.  For example, with things like tax, legal and other accounting matters.

Ultimately, advisory services provide you with knowledge and expertise to:

  1. Facilitate better and faster business decisions
  2. Answer and solve specific business problems
  3. Provide specialist business knowledge and experience

Business advisory services/consultancy firms in London for all your needs

Find a Business Consultant/Advisor in London, who meets your bespoke needs.  Remember, your business priorities can change.  It’s vital your plan and strategy is up-to-date.  Is funding and market entry your priority?  Alternatively, are you an established small business?  Are you ready to grow and want to atract new customers?

You could have great business idea, but do you have the operational/management expertise to succeed?  If not, a business advisory service could be for you.  Make sure you understand what you need and why.  Secondly, make sure you are clear about your goals, timeframes and expectations.  Further, be vigilant and check contractual terms and fees.

What are Business Consultants/Business Advisors?

Business Consultants/Advisors provide independent business advice, which solves business problems.  Most importantly, a good Business Consultant brings hands on and practical experience.  A consultancy firm could make the difference between success and failure.  If you’d like to read more about choosing a Business Advisor/Consultant, click here.

However, if you’re choosing a professional business advisory service, make sure you know the difference between business advice and coaching.

Business Consultant/Business Advisor

Business Consultants provide answers to current business problems.  A Business Coach doesn’t give you the answers or tell you what to do.  Above all, a Business Consultant has specialist and professional expertise.  This enables them to provide you with recommendations and solutions.

Business Coach

Business Coaches concentrate on future professional goals.  For example, by asking you questions and challenging you.  i.e. to make you THINK is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind.  The goal of business coaching is to help you come to your own answer.  You need to make your own decisions.

A Business Coach doesn’t need to be a specialist in your business sector or industry.  This is because their role is to guide and support you.  An ethical Business Coach will not make decisions for you or tell you what to do.

Closing thoughts to ensure you choose the right business advisory service in London

Most importantly, research the types of business advisory services in London or your area.  Secondly, carefully think about the following questions:

  • What do you need to solve and what are the reasons?
  • Do you have a specific timeframe?
  • What can you do yourself and what areas could benefit from a Business Consultant/Advisor?
  • Do you have any knowledge, skills and experience gaps?
  • What is your plan and will this acheive your business goals?

In addition, you can also look at this useful startup resource.  This provides you with information on crowdfunding.  Alternatively, for a Government-backed scheme, The Start up Loans Company also have a lot of useful information on their website.

Finally, make sure you build a good rapport with your Business Consultant/Advisor.  Check their experience and qualications carefully to see that it matches your needs.  You can learn more about how to find a Business Consultant here.