Business Advisory Services in London

Are you looking for business advisory services in London? Firstly, what are business advisory services? Secondly, what types of services are provided by London consultancy firms? Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd is a boutique consultancy firm. Founded by Steve Wyatt, to support startups and small businesses in London and the surrounding area. Most importantly, through the provision of business advice and coaching.

Steve is a London based Business Consultant. Most importantly, he has +20 years professional experience in service excellence. Secondly, he’s managed business operations and led business process improvement initiatives. In addition, his experience spans large and complex organisations. For instance, from Financial Services, Education and the Consulting sectors.

What are business advisory services?

Business advisory services solve business problems. There are a range of different business advisory services to choose from. For instance, in the areas of Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Operations Management and Risk & Compliance. Typically, you choose a specialist where you lack expertise. For example, an IT expert could develop a great app, but need business advice to organise and structure a business more effectively.

Business advisory services provide you with:

  1. Specialist business knowledge and experience
  2. Answer and solve specific business problems
  3. Facilitate better and faster business decisions

Watch this short introduction to business advisory services video to learn about Maximum Solutions Consulting’s services.

Maximum Solutions Consulting’s Business Advisory Services in London

Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd specialises in advising startups. Firstly, providing business advisory services to pre-startup and early stage entrepreneurs and business professionals (0-1 years). This business advice is tailored and designed to help you create robust business plans and cash flow forecasts. In addition, startups who have specific business operational problems. For example, which relate to structure or operational efficiency. This helps mitigate the risks associated with 60% of startups failing within the first 5 years. For example, due to poor planning, management or cash flow issues.

Secondly, business advice for startups and business owners (1-5 years). This includes startups and small businesses who are more established. For instance, ready to review internal business processes to optimise efficiency. In addition, to reduce duplication and waste and/or mitigate risk. In these instances, a Business Consultant could review, observe or interview staff and business processes. This identifies the current state, along with the actual business problems so they can propose solutions and recommendations. For example, to improve and optimise a specific process.

Read the startup business advice for entrepreneurs for some free tips to help you succeed.

Business Consultants and Business Advisory Services in London

Business Consultants provide independent business advice, which solves business problems. Most importantly, a good Business Consultant brings hands on and practical experience. Find a Business Consultant that meets your bespoke needs. Where can you find the right Business Consultant for you and your startup? Click the business advisory services London directory for some options.

Make sure you understand what you need to be successful. Most importantly, carefully read Terms of Business and contractual terms before signing. For example, the deliverables, fees, cancellation terms and Intellectual Property (IP) ownership. Click the choosing a Business Consultant to learn more and make sure you know the difference between a Business Consultant and Coach.

Business Consultant

A Business Consultant provides specialist and professional expertise. Most importantly, solutions and recommendations to current business problems. In contrast, a Business Coach doesn’t give you the answers or tell you what to do.

Business Coach

A Business Coach concentrates on the future and specifically, professional goals. For example, by asking you questions that challenge you. For instance, to help you THINK is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind. In contrast, a Business Coach doesn’t need to be a specialist in your business sector or industry. This is because their role is to guide and support you. An ethical Business Coach will not make decisions for you or tell you what to do. The goal of business coaching is to help you make better and faster decisions.

Choose the right Business Advisory Service in London

Firstly, research the types of business advisory services in and around London. Secondly, carefully think about the following questions:

  • What do you need to solve and what are the reasons?
  • Do you have a specific timeframe?
  • What areas could benefit from a Business Consultant?
  • Do you have any knowledge, skills and experience gaps?
  • What is your plan, and will this achieve your business goals?

Finally, call or meet with prospective business advisory service provider(s). It’s important to know what you’re getting and that a Business Consultant can walk the walk and talk the talk. Check their experience and qualifications carefully. Does it match your specific need(s)? Click the how to find a Business Consultant link to learn more.

Contact Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd to learn more about business advisory services in London. In addition, visit the Business Advice or Business Coaching pages for details about services.