Business Advisory Services for Start up Business Advice

There are different types of business consultancy firms in London.  Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd is a boutique business consultancy firm in London.  It specialises in providing start up business advice.  Founder, Steve Wyatt, provides business advisory services to startups and small businesses in London and the surrounding area.  As a business consultant in London, Steve has +20 years professional experience in service excellence.  He’s led business process improvement and change initiatives.  Steve has also managed business operations in Financial Services, Education and Consulting sectors, but ‘what are business advisory services?’

What are business advisory services?

Business consultancy firms in London provide a range of business advisory services.  There are specialist consultancy firms, which provide tailored support and start up business advice.  Also, other business consultancy firms that advise on HR and financial matters.  Let’s explore this and define what are business advisory services?

There are 5 broad types of business consultancy firms in London, covering areas like:

  1. HR
  2. Finance
  3. Risk & Compliance
  4. Strategy
  5. Operations, including IT

Start up business advice from business consultancy firms in London

Business consultancy firms in London provide bespoke and tailored business advisory services.  Where can you find a Business Consultant in London?  For a detailed list of organisations providing business advisory services in London, click here.

Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd specialises in advising early stage start ups and established start ups and small businesses.  This includes advice on business operations management, business process improvement, planning and strategic decisions, including cash flow, service excellence and management & leadership.

Steve Wyatt, Business Consultant in London has advised entrepreneurs at the pre-start up phase.  He’s provided early stage start ups with business information (including business research) and provided start up business advice post set-up.  This start up business advice helps business owners make better, faster and more informed business decisions.

Business consultancy firms in London help entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders by sourcing solutions and resolving problems.  More specifically, a business consultant has specialist experience from a particular industry and/or functional area etc.  A Business Consultant provides expert and professional start up business advice, but what are business advisory services meant to do?

What are business advisory services meant to do?

Business advisory services can tackle a number of different aspects.  For example, business plans, cash flow, budgeting, business process improvement & transformation and other operational & resource related functions.

There are various business consultancy firms in London.  Each organisation can help businesses in different ways.  For example, some specifically help start ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses with things like tax, legal and other accounting matters.  Whilst others provide business advice in areas where a business owner is lacking knowledge and expertise or where there is room for improvement to:

  1. Facilitate better and faster business decisions
  2. Answer and solve specific business problems
  3. Provide specialist business knowledge and experience

Business consultancy firms in London for all your needs

Given the varying nature of business consultancy firms in London and the variety of available business advice to start ups, it is important to find a business advisor / business consultant in London that meets your specific and bespoke needs.

Remember, business priorities change.  It’s vital to have a carefully, thought through plan and strategy.  An entrepreneur may prioritise funding and market entry and want to find a business consultancy firm in London that specialises in start up business advice.  Whilst a more established small business might prioritise attracting new customers for sales and profit growth, change management or product innovation.

Entrepreneurs have great business ideas, but not necessarily the operational and management expertise to succeed.  Clearly, business owners can benefit from professional, bespoke and expert business advice.  Furthermore, a business consultant challenges thinking and decision making, which facilitates development, improvement and growth.

Whether you’re thinking about setting up a start up or you already have an established small business, make sure you understand what services you’re getting and from who.

What are Business Consultants / Business Advisors?

Business Consultants are also known as a Business Advisors.  They provide independent business advice, which is designed to solve business problems.  A good business consultant offers professional, hands on business advice and support.  They have practical, real life experience to help you succeed.  Consequently, start up business advice can make a difference between a start up succeeding or failing.

Before you choose or find a business consultant, it is important to understand a distinct and clear difference between business advice (business advisory services) and business coaching:

Business Consultant / Business Advisor

Business Consultants provide answers to current business problems whereas a Business Coach does not.  The primary goal of a Business Consultant is to help clients develop, improve and/or grow their business.  They do this by providing specialist business advice, which solves problems.  Typically, a Business Consultant has specialist, professional expertise in a specific area(s).  This enables them to provide recommendations and solutions to solve business problems.

Business Coach

Business Coaches concentrate on future professional goals.  They do this by challenging and asking questions.  This makes clients: Think and whether or not their thinking is Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind.  The goal of business coaching is to help clients come to their own answers and make their own decisions.  A Business Coach does not need to be a specialist in the client’s business sector or industry.  This is because their role is to guide and support.  It’s not their role to offer or make decisions on behalf of clients.

Closing thoughts to ensure good start up business advice from business consultancy firms in London

First and foremost, research available types of business advisory services and the different types of business consultancy firms in London.  Think about the areas you need business advice on; What do you need to solve and by when?  Do you have any knowledge, skills and experience gaps?

Take a look at this useful Start up resource for information on crowdfunding and start up loans from The Start up Loans Company.  Finally, make sure you find a Business Consultant or Advisor that you can build a good rapport with.  You can learn more about how to find a Business Consultant here and click here to learn more about how start ups can succeed.